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Majda Širca

hydra - fefi 2023.

Majda Širca , the current Ekran laureate for lifetime achievement in film journalism, has worked in all areas of film art in a career spanning more than four decades: from a teacher at the Šentvid Secondary School, secretary and writer for Ekran magazine, author of film broadcasts, journalist and editor at RTV Slovenia, to a politician and documentary filmmaker. Her work has left a great mark on the Slovenian film scene, which she first kept a close eye on and connected with the socio-political developments of the turbulent 1980s and 1990s, and then actively participated in shaping it through cultural policy in Parliament and at the Ministry of Culture.

As a film critic, she has contributed significantly to the understanding of the Italian masters Federico Fellini and Pier Paolo Pasolini in the Slovenian context through her articles and books, but as an art historian, she has often focused on marginal film themes, such as avant-garde and experimental films, or has brought theoretically unexplored topics, such as Hong Kong kung fu film, into the realm of cinematic thinking. With her show Povečava, she set new standards at RTV Slovenia, shedding light on many taboo, painful topics of Slovenian and Yugoslav society through film, and earned numerous awards: five Viktorovs for the best TV show and the Tomšič Award.

In her political work, she has been actively involved in defending the right to abortion and the freedom to decide about one’s own body, as well as the introduction of quotas in the highly masculinised post-independence political space, and she has also been the most determined to date to bite into the sour apple of regulating the audiovisual, and thus film, sphere with a number of policies and measures.

Her documentaries have delved into archives and history, uncovering often unknown or forgotten themes and personalities, especially women who have fought for an equal place in society with their creativity and commitment (Woman, Part 1 [2015], Woman, Part 2 [2015]). Marlenka, Marija Lucija and Hana Stupica [2021]), and with her lucid and archival film studies of fascism and anti-fascism (The 7 Sins and Virtues [2017] and The Arson [2020]), she has countered attempts to reinterpret history with her lucid and archival film studies of fascism and anti-fascism (The 7 Sins and Virtues [2017] and The Arson [2020]).

hydra - fefi 2023.
Povečava: Ženska (Woman)
Majda Širca / Slovenia 1995 / 90 min

Majda Širca, as an author, presenter and journalist at RTV Slovenia between 1989 and 1997, created approximately 70 television documentary programmes, Blow Up, which examined the art of film in the light of sociological, cultural, artistic, anthropological and historical social relations, and contextualised and reflected society through film images. The episode “Woman”, in which she draws on the various roles and representations of women in Slovenian film and through them expands her analysis of the position of women in society, was created in 1995.

Oddaja je predvajana z dovoljenjem avtorice, režiserja Slavka Hrena in producenta RTV Slovenija.

hydra - fefi 2023.
Sedem grehov in vrlin (The 7 Sins and Virtues)
Majda Širca / Slovenia, 2017 / 104 min

The two documentaries are based on the seven sins and the seven virtues, seen through ambiguities and different associations.

hydra - fefi 2023.
Druga koža (The Other Skin)
Majda Širca / Slovenia 2018 / 53 min

The documentary The Other Skin looks at clothing culture through time. It covers many styles of dress in different social contexts. Clothes not only protect, they always speak. It hides, reveals, seduces, addresses and positions. How and what to wear is always a matter of culture and society, so the film touches on a wide variety of clothing. At the same time, it opens up the themes of sexism, the body, tradition, fashion and other topics that relate to the economic and social situation in our country.