4. – 10. March 2021

FeFi – Slovenian First Feminist Film Festival

Almost half of century ago American art critic John Berger exposed the invisible fact by then: “Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at”. But fifty years of history changed its course. Women are watching (out), are being watched, but the objectification is not absolute anymore.

Welcome to FeFi, Slovenian First Feminist Film Festival where gaze is shifting and women’s stories and female creators are in the centre. FeFi is named after Genovefa or tribal woman, a patroness of candle makers, shepherds, milliners and gardeners, but also protectress of eyesight. FeFi is watching. FeFi can see.

The all-seeing eye of FeFi highlights the invisible, subjugated, marginalized, but tough and rough stories that change the course of history.

FeFi will lead into past, present and future of women’s cinematic work where rules are self-made and roads are unpaved. FeFi Fresh calls attention to international radical newcomers, who defy the “good ol’ ways” of patriarchal filmmaking. FeFi Now! is in the moment of Slovenian filmmaking while FeFi Retro spotlights past works, invisible or unseen.

FeFi 2021 is all about female gaze. An Eye for an Eye is démodé. An Eye with an Eye is now, gazing into the same direction.